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Online Support for Law Firms
Rippe & Kingston Online Support
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LMS Law Firm Software Solutions

LMS Online Support Service is an online law firm client support system that will allow you to permit our support personnel to access your desktop.  We can now review your issues as they happen. To contact our support staff, click the button below. Questions? If you have any questions about documentation, support policies or extended support, please contact us.


Client Service Program for Law Firms
LMS Legal Software Strategic Partner

Rippe & Kingston is recognized as the leading support organization in the legal industry combining national firm experience and local firm service.   Rippe & Kingston offers a proactive approach to client support services.  One of our goals is to become a strategic partner to our law firm clients. Our CPA qualified law firm consultants are focused on our client's success. Utilizing our unmatched knowledge of the legal industry, we are able to establish an ongoing client service plan to keep your firm in the forefront of technology usage.

Client Service Program Elements
LMS Law Firm Software Suppot Program


Law Firm Annual Strategy Meeting

R&K meets annually with our clients to address the new legal software enhancements, review internal workflow, address any requested software modifications and provide new personnel training.

Financial Management

Every law firm desires to improve their overall efficiency and bottom line. The LMS Support Services addresses those needs with a multipronged approach that includes: Associate Development University, Partner Retreats, Credit & Collection Policy Review, Accounts Receivable Management Analysis, Accounting Services, Profitability Accounting, Management Reporting and Management Design. &K meets annually with our clients to address the new legal software enhancements, review internal workflow, address any requested software modifications and provide new personnel training.

Technical Services

A key element to our technical services program for law firms is confirming that the technology matches the business requirements. Included in that service is capacity planning, hardware upgrades, operating system upgrades and the acquisition / installation of new equipment..

Law Firm Business Continuance / Disaster RecoveryLaw Firm Business Continuance Plan

Protecting your firm's data should be a top priority when designing an overall technology plan.  "Cloud" based server technology allows Rippe & Kingston to be uniquely positioned as the industry leader in Business Continuance/Disaster Recovery offerings to law firms. 

Our cost-efficient solution includes a documented business continuance plan, off-site backup storage, annual "fire drill" testing of your BC/DR plan and backup/recovery assistance.  In addition, we are the only vendor in the industry that currently offers a hot-site remote processing capability for our practice management user base. With all applications and databases located on the "Cloud" server, disaster recovery is simplified, manageable and financially practical.

We can help you prepare for interruptions by providing
  • Documented business continuance plan for your accounting system 
  • Disaster Recovery Hot Site
  • Archival storage of data repository
  • Annual "Fire Drill"
  • Annual data recovery from archives

Law Firm Support

Rippe & Kingston Legal Management Software is the leader in Financial and Practice Management for Law Firms.  Law Firm Management Software Support The unparalleled level of service and support that we provide is a key component of our law firm client success.

Below are just some of our industry leading support features

  • Telephone Support: 8:30 am until 9:00 pm EST
  • Virtual Desktop Support
  • Technical Services Support Plan
  • On-demand webinars to supplement training
  • The Reference Korner Newsletter
  • Tips & Techniques articles
  • Help Desk Call Tracking

LMS Support Contacts

  • LMS Support Line: (513) 977-4545
  • Email
  • Technical Services Support Line - (513) 977-4576
Client Service Program

Annual Strategy Meeting

  • New Version Implementation
  • Workflow Review
  • Software Modifications
  • Personnel Training

Financial Management

  • Associate Development University
  • Partner Retreats
  • Credit & Collection Policy
  • A/R Management
  • Accounting Services
  • Profitability Accounting
  • Management Reporting
  • Management Design

Technical Services

  • Capacity Planning
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • New Hardware Installation
Contact Info
Rippe & Kingston Legal Management Software Cincinnati Office
Rippe & Kingston
1077 Celestial St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Phone: (513) 977-4578
Fax: (513) 763-2847