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Unfortunately, companies and their claims come and go in our Industry. It's the reason Law Firms need to be as confident  in those who develop the technology as the technology itself. It's the reason no matter what lies ahead for  the Legal Industry's amazing technological transformation  - you can be assured Rippe & Kingston will be  there every step of the way." Ron Sharp
For over 30 years, law firms of all sizes have relied on Rippe & Kingston for the financial tools to run their practice.  Legal Management System (LMS+) provides Management with the needed oversight, reporting tools, support infrastructure and early warning systems to keep law firms profitable and on track. 
Proven to Raise Revenue

Our Legal Management System Raises Revenue.Historically, Law Firms have not managed their profitability using the core tools of the professional service industry. This means that Law Firm financial systems have been designed more often on partnership culture than on effective financial metrics. The lost opportunity for Law Firms to more effectively manage their bottom line often translates into a 5% to 15% reduction in Partner profits. With our foundation as a CPA Firm, Rippe & Kingston understands how to raise revenue in a billable time environment.


Client SatisfactionLegal Software Satisfied Customer

Rippe & Kingston’s clients are valued as Strategic Business Partners and our unparalleled client satisfaction ratings reflect that commitment. Telephone support is readily available and boasts the Industry’s leading response time………..calculated in minutes, not days.

The Price is Right

Finally having the option to go with either the Cloud Computing model or the “traditional” in-house installation makes the LMS Law Firm Management System affordable for every size Law Firm. Total Cost of Ownership for our Tier 1 system is often much less than Tier 3 systems that are utilized by the majority of the small to mid-sized Law Firms today.

  • Technology Delivers
  • Proven to Raise Revenue
  • Client Satisfaction
  • The Price is Right

Time and Billing Software
No matter what expression you use for Legal Software; LMS delivers on all the promises. Visit the Practice Management Software pages and the Financial Management Software pages to learn more.

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