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LMS Law Firm Software PartnersPartnerships and strategic alliances play a key role in Rippe & Kingston's delivery of Law Firm Software solutions  that drive results and create value for our clients. Next to our law firm clients, partnerships and alliances are the most important relationships we build. To  complement our law firm management applications, services and solutions, we have partnered with technology firms to deliver the best in law firm management software.

Premier partners include AVNET, IBM, Microsoft, Open Source Technology, CiBTS and help/systems. Rippe & Kingston's identification of the right partner involves much more than just deciding who has the best "laundry list" of services, features or functions. It also means making the right long-term relationship decision, because our business partnerships have a direct impact on our clients' future success.

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LMS Law Firm Software Business PartnerAvnet - is one of the world's largest industrial distributors of electronic parts, enterprise computing and storage products and embedded subsystems, creating a vital link in the technology supply chain.


LMS Law Firm Software PartnerCBTS - is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell, Inc. R&K partners with CBTS for data centers and disaster recovery.   We leverage their state-of the art data centers, best-of-breed technical talent and strategic vendor partnerships to deliver technology products and services to our Law Firm Clients.  

LMS Law Firm Software Business Partnere-businessInterface - Since 1999 e-businessInterface, Inc. has been providing software  solutions for law firms, corporate legal departments and professional  services organizations. 

LMS Law Firm Software Business PartnerIBM - The company's business model is built to support two principal goals: helping clients succeed in delivering business value by becoming more innovative, efficient and competitive through the use of business insight and information technology (IT) solutions; and, providing long-term value to shareholders.


LMS Law Firm Software PartnerMicrosoft - Rippe & Kingston has developed a strong relationship with the Microsoft Corporation. Our customers and business partners view Microsoft technology as a key component of our solutions. 

 LMS Law Firm Sotware PartnerOpen Source - Although not a vendor in the traditional sense, Open Source Technology is as important if not more important than any single vendor.  Open source software is software whose source code is published and made available to the public, enabling anyone to copy, modify and redistribute the source code without paying royalties or fees. Open source code allows us rapidly deliver new features without our law firm clients paying nearly as much as our competition charge for R&D.  Two of the more prominent uses of open source in our offering are JAVA and JBoss Application Server.

Law Firm Inquiry with SequelSequel - Sequel is now part of help/systems.  LMS incorporates Sequel to provide our  law firm clients ad hoc queries to executive dashboards via the Web. 


Partner Quotes

Legal Time and Billing Partner"SEQUEL Software, A Help/Systems Company, relies on Rippe & Kingston to deliver data access and analysis solutions to their law firm clients."  ... Stacy Jensen, Regional Sales Manager

Legal Practice Management Software Partner"Rippe & Kingston has long been a premier IBM partner, and continues to be a leader in providing solutions for Law Firms."  ...Guy Pardise, IBM i Offering Manager

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